This site is for everybody who wants to know something about by stay in England.

Because some people asked me I'll write here that I passed the examination for the amateurradio licence on the first of April. My callsign is DO7RZB (Delta-Oskar-7-Romeo-Zulu-Bravo).

Lots of wishes for your 18th birthday Christian. Have a good party!

At first I gratulate my mother for her birsthday.
Than I want to say that Julia Fronicke was appointed to the "Frauenreferentin" of the DARC (German Amateur Radio Club) Berlin, where she has to make girls interesting in technic and she got the 18th place of Berlin in the Olympics of Mathematics.

Happy Birthday Nora (my little sister)

Since yesterday the counter works. The date of the lastest update is now in the navigation frame.

The german guestbook is now completly in German.

Same days befor I configurated a new guestbook for the English version. Now there will be everything in English.

Changing school - official statement! Klick here!

"The Beacon" (The band where Dave is in) has now his own website:

Because of some problems with the server I had to rewrite the reports from friday the 13th (German Version). So it's written a little bit different. I couldn't remember every word *lol*

Today there is again someone of "my family" who has his birthday. Shannon, she is the grandchild of my hostfamily (McMullens). Happy birthday! You are now a teenager.

I thank Ian Campbell for his excellent help to translate my website!

Happy birthday Tina.

And again a birthday. Hi Antje, lots of wishes for your 40th birthday.

Today I want gratulate 2 persons for birthday. At first my older sister Dana and my ESDO-trainer Detlef:
Happy birthday you two.

Hi Dad, I want to wish you a happy birthday!