Offizielle Stellungnahme

Widnes (England), the 23th February 2004:

Now I decided to change the school. Till some days ago I was a student of the "Dathe Gymnasium" (like sixth-form college), where I had chosen Mathematics and Physics as my special subjects. Because of my favorit subject is Information studies I tried to change school for more than one year and now it works. Now I'm a student of the "Siemens Gymnasium" where I can chose Information studies as a special subject. There I'll chose Information studies and Physik as my special subjects. I didn't had any problems with the teachers or my class mates. So I didn't realy wanted to go away. But since the begining of this school year the class situation changed. I don't want to say that it is because of or not only because of the new students who came at the begining of this school year but the behaviour to the class mates and especially to the teacher is very bad at the moment. So it's easier for me to say good bye but I'm sure that I'll miss some of them.
I wish everybody good luck on the way to their "Abitur" (like A-Level)

Rico Zimmermann